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Farm Sitting Services

Welcome to our full-range farm sitting services, designed to provide top-notch care for your beloved pets and farm animals while you're away. Serving the State College area and Centre County, we understand the importance of ensuring your animals are well taken care of, maintaining their routines, and offering them the attention they deserve.


What is Farm Sitting?

Farm sitting involves entrusting a professional pet sitter with the responsibility of caring for your animals in the comfort of their own environment. Whether you have a home filled with cherished pets or a farm bustling with various animals, we are here to ensure their well-being, happiness, and safety while you're not around. Learn more on our About Farm Sitting page.

Animals We Care For

We offer services for a wide variety of indoor and farm animals, including:


Farm Animals: 

  • Horses - specialize in general horse care

  • All other hoof stock - cows, goats, donkeys, pigs, sheep, llamas, etc.

  • Fowl - chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, etc.

  • Outdoor caged small mammals - rabbits, ferrets, etc.

  • Barn cats


Indoor Pets:

  • Reptiles - lizards, dragons, turtles, snakes, etc. (non-venomous only)

  • Birds - parrots, cockatiels, budgies, finches, etc.

  • Fresh and saltwater aquariums

  • Cats and other small mammals


Animal Care Services During Visits

 Our visits include a range of attentive care services:

  • Visual wellness exams

  • Food preparation, feeding, and watering

  • Turning out, bringing in, blanketing, potty breaks, yard time, etc.

  • Cleaning litter boxes, cages, stalls, etc.

  • Engaging enrichment activities

  • Accident cleanup

  • Cleaning and refilling water and food containers

  • Providing affection, grooming, companionship

  • Tropical aquarium feeding, water testing, and maintenance consultation

  • Administering supplements and medications

  • Changing bandages


For specialized horse care services, please see our Horse Care page.


Additional Home Services Offered 

Upon request, we can also perform the following services during our visits:

  • Collecting mail

  • Watering plants

  • Managing trash and recycling

  • Refilling bird feeders

  • Opening/closing curtains or blinds

  • Alternating lights


Service Limitations

 We want to be transparent about the services we do not provide:

  • Overnight stays at your home or farm

  • Long-term daily dog walking, often referred to as "dailys"

  • Multiple visits per day for dogs who stay at home while you are on vacation

  • Venomous or aggressive animals

  • Currently not accepting stand alone indoor pet clients such as cats, but will gladly do them as part of a farm sitting service

Feathery chicken
Mountain Pets pig client
Black and white cow with tongue sticking out
Mountain pets donkey clients
Mountain Pets guinea fowl clients

Inquiry and Booking Process

1. Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us through any of the following methods:

2. Inquiry Information

When reaching out, kindly provide us with the following details:

  • Dates and frequency for your farm sitting needs.

  • Basic information about your animals, including species and numbers.

Farm sitting services can range from a single visit to daily visits over weeks. You can book services up to 6 months in advance.

For first-time clients with last-minute requests, we'll do our best to accommodate, subject to the process below.

For detailed pricing information, kindly visit our Rates page.

3. Phone Consultation

After your initial inquiry, we'll schedule a brief (~20-minute) phone conversation. This will allow us to:

  • Gather essential information about your animals and their needs.

  • Address any additional questions you have about our services.

  • Determine whether a one-time meet and greet is suitable.

4. In Person Meet and Greet

If we decide to proceed, the next step involves scheduling a meet and greet at your home or farm. During this meeting:

  • We'll address any remaining questions.

  • You'll introduce us to your farm animals and other pets.

  • You'll show us the required tasks and routines, as well as the location of supplies.

A 60-minute meet and greet within a 10-mile radius is complimentary. A 60-minute meet and greet within a 10-20 mile radius incurs a $25 charge.

5. Submission of Documents

If both parties agree to continue, you'll need to complete the following steps:

  • Fill out an intake form about you and your animals.

  • Carefully review and sign the terms of farm sitting.

  • Provide your animals' most recent veterinary records, if available.

  • Cats must have proof of Rabies vaccination.

  • After submission, we'll review the documents and make a decision on services.

  • These documents are updated annually.

6. Deposit and Payment Details

Upon mutual agreement, we will invoice you for a deposit to secure your bookings. The final invoice for services will be issued either on the service day or towards the end of the service period. Payment is due on or before the last day of service.

  • A 50% deposit of the estimated service cost is required to secure reservations during peak periods, including Memorial to Labor Day week, all federal holiday weeks, and Penn State Spring Break.

  • Deposits are fully refundable if you cancel 30 days before the service start date.

  • Cancellations made 29 to 8 days before the service start date will be held as credit.

  • Deposits are nonrefundable for cancellations within 7 days of the service start date.

We offer convenient payment methods, including online payment with major credit cards, cash, or checks payable to Mountain Pets LLC.

We look forward to providing your pets and farm animals with the exceptional care they deserve!

Mountain Pets turkey clients
Three white and brown ducks eating their food

Tip: Your 30-minute feeding routine might take longer for an unfamiliar pet sitter due to the unfamiliarity with the routine and item locations. If your routine exceeds 30 minutes, consider a 45-minute visit initially for the pet sitter to get familiar.

Mountain Pets goat client
Mountain Pets sheep client
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