Dog Boarding


Kennel-free, Leash-free,
Private Dog Boarding

Overview of Overnight Dog Boarding

Boarding Highlights


Your Dog Integrated into Our Home

Private Boarding, Limited to 2-3 Clients at a Time

Off-leash Environment (leash-required dogs accepted)

1-3 mile Daily Property Hikes/Walks

Seasonal Pond Swimming

Socialization and the Company of Other Dogs

I offer dog boarding at our home and 200-acre property in Port Matilda near State College. While I mainly serve clients throughout Centre County, I will board dogs from as far as you are willing to drive as well as out of town visitors. This page offers an overview of those services, rates, the meet and greet process and an image gallery of Mountain Pets dogs. If there’s something specific you need that isn’t described here, please contact me and I'd be happy to explore your needs.​​

Boarding is when your dog stays at our place overnight, normally because you are traveling away from home. Boarding at Mountain Pets will result in your dog returning home happy and healthy. I personally guarantee it!  Your pups stay here costs the same or less than boarding/day care at a kennel facility but without kenneling, with minimal change stress, top quality exercise opportunities and controlled dog-to-dog socialization. Your pup will get 100% individualized care and attention because I only serve a maximum of 2-3 clients at the same time and will not board any dogs together whom I feel would not be a good fit together. And, there are no additional fees for hikes, walks, yard play or swimming. 

Top Benefits to Boarding Your Dog at Mountain Pets

  • Quality, individualized care and attention (maximum of 2-3 clients at the same time)

  • No kenneling or isolation stress

  • 1-3 miles of daily walks/hikes on 200-acre property

  • Off-leash walks and hikes for able dogs

  • Huge yard for play

  • On-demand potty breaks

  • Socialization and company with home dogs

  • Pup can have his/her own toys, blanket and crate for comfort

  • Sleep in the bedroom just like home (clean tempur pedic dog beds and nighttime crating as requested)

  • Private feeding location in home

  • Seasonal swimming in pond

  • Daily text communication with photos and videos

The comfort, safety and overall well being of your pup is my priority. 

Dog and Stream

Are We a "Good Fit"?

Most types, ages, sizes and sexes of dogs are a good fit for boarding or day care here, including:

  • Dogs at least 6 months of age (must already be house trained)

  • Sizes tiny to large

  • Senior and/or special needs and dogs requiring medications

  • Neutered males only and females

Dogs which are not a good fit here include:

  • XL dogs (greater than 100 lbs)

  • American staffordshire terriers, pit mixes, mastiffs, and cane corsos

  • Intact males and females (unless younger than one year)


The next two lists are VERY IMPORTANT to read and have found from experience, very important to communicate. First, please understand that how your dog behaves at your home in a single dog home may not be the same as how your dog behaves in a home with other dogs and different boundaries. It is imperative that any dog who stays here is trained well, listens and is good mannered with other dogs and inside a home. If you are uncertain how your dog does in someone else's home or at doggie day care, then you may need to establish that before boarding here. If your dog is permitted to do anything it wants in your home with little regard to rules, boundaries and structure, a kennel may be a better fit. I do have a strong foundation in dog behavior but I am not a dog trainer and I am not offering dog training or dog boarding which requires constant basic training reinforcements. Since this is not a kennel where dogs get their own "quarters", we must be selective about which dogs stay here. I have my own dogs and other boarders and I strive to maintain a safe and stress free atmosphere for everyone. One untrained or unsocialized dog can cause great disruption. I am always happy to talk with you if you are uncertain about your dog. I have many repeat clients who are a good fit. 

More often than not, it is the undesirable behaviors, not breed of dog, which tend to NOT be a good fit for care here. Your dog may NOT be a good fit if any one behavior applies:

  • ANY history of biting people or other dogs

  • Dominance behaviors such as nonstop sniffing other dogs private parts, marking inside the house, attempting to mount other dogs, muzzle nudging and/or bullying other dogs, toy aggression

  • Can't settle down and/or rest in the house; lack of adequate exercise at home and lack of socialization around other dogs (pent up energy and too excited)

  • Poor indoor house manners and social boundaries, which might include behaviors such as aggressively stealing other dogs toys and not respecting individual dogs social boundaries and cues, dangerously pushing through and past humans in the home, running over smaller dogs, attempting to steal human's food off surfaces, scratching doors, excessive barking when left alone

  • Not trained well, doesn't listen to basic commands, requires constant correction and/or requires an e-collar inside the house

  • Has occasional potty accidents in the house

  • Physically dangerous behaviors like jumping or lunging at people

  • If requires leashing, pulls or otherwise does not walk good on-leash 

  • Requires crating if left at home for 1-3 hours AND barks or paws the whole time or otherwise is not really crate trained or has severe separation anxiety

  • Wants to run away or get out, doesn't do well away from home and/or may exhibit intense away-from-home/owners anxiety (consider pet sitting at your home instead for dogs with high separation anxiety)

  • Chews household items or scratches doors if left alone AND is not crate trained (paws and/or barks in crate)

  • Dogs who drool

All potential clients are required to go through the meet and greet process below, no exceptions. This makes last minute, first time boarding requests unlikely to be filled (but not impossible). Requirements for boarding your dog here include:

  • Does not exhibit any one behavior listed above

  • Absolutely must get along well with other dogs, with no history of aggression, bullying or dominance behaviors (see above)

  • Has healthy physical boundaries around other dogs and people and listens/responds to cues and commands (see above)

  • Fully house trained, has no history of "marking" or potty accidents inside

  • Completed an initial phone call to determine if a potential good fit and to schedule a 'meet and greet' 

  • A successful 'meet and greet' at Mountain Pets with your dog(s) to further ensure a good fit

  • A completed Meet and Greet intake form

  • A completed Dog Boarding Agreement

  • Current on flea and tick prevention

  • Up-to-date Rabies vaccination and current county dog license

  • Up-to-date DHPP vaccinations or proof of positive titers

  • Be on heartworm preventative OR have heartworm and intestinal parasites routinely checked by your veterinarian and be negative at last check

  • If leashing is required for your dog, s/he MUST be very well leashed trained and not pull

  • If crating is required when alone or overnight, s/he MUST be crate trained and not object to being crated (no pawing and barking)

Our Home & Property

Our home is 3 level house on 200 acres, unfenced and far away from any main roads. The home includes various stair cases which might be an issue for large senior dogs. 

Residents here include myself and my partner, Aaron, and our two Australian Shepherds (spayed female age 9 and 50 lbs; neutered male age 4 and 23 lbs). Aaron loves and appreciates dogs as much as I, and has owned and trained his own dogs throughout his life, including labrador retrievers and springer spaniels. Sometimes, boarder dogs take a liking to him in a different way than to me and he is certainly a helpful part of the home team! You can read more about me on the About Us page.

Our 200-acre property has mowed paths for dog hikes/walks and a pond for seasonal water fun. We can easily spend two hours out on the trails here without covering the same ground. We also have a nice mile-and-half flat lane walk which can be shortened for senior or less able dogs.  

We do not have kennels here. Crates are available for inside crating at owners request only. 

Dogs boarded here are integrated into our home and routine with our own dogs. We sleep, eat, play, walk and chill out together. We do not offer dogs human food treats while we are cooking/eating and discourage begging. I do offer occasional dog treats or can adhere to a strict diet. We are ok with light furniture use, including sitting with either of us on a couch, but we can also restrict that behavior for any of our clients as directed. All dogs sleep with us in the bedroom on their own dog bed in their own spot. 

Fenced yard coming soon! Though we currently do not have a fenced yard, I can still accommodate dogs who need to be leashed for potty breaks and hikes/walks. 

Dog Boarding Amenities Image Gallery

House in the Field
Dogs in the Snow

Service Options and Rates

Dog boarding rates are based on an overnight stay for roughly 24 hours.  There are no extra fees for exercise activities or amenities.

  • Overnight stay here - $55

  • Overnight stay for a second dog - $45

  • Overnight stay for a puppy (< 1 yr old) - $65

  • Overnight stay for dog which requires leashing - $65

  • Holiday surcharge per dog on federal holidays - $10

  • Puppy surcharge per additional 8 hours - $20

  • Pick up/Drop off, round trip - $25 

  • Late pickup (after 7pm) - $25

​Pricing for Doggie Day Care (limited to dog boarding clients only). This pricing applies to care beyond a 24 hour stay but less than a 2 night stay.

  • 1 dog - $25 (2-4 hours)

  • 2 dogs - $35 (2-4 hours)

  • 1 dog - $45 (6-8 hours)

  • 2 dogs - $55 (6-8 hours)

  • Puppy and federal holidays - +$10

Dog boarding stays can be for as short or as long as you need. Since I only board 2-3 dogs at any given time, it is best to book in advance if you know your dates, especially around holidays. You may book up to 6 months in advance. A successful meet and greet and a completed and signed agreement is required to book services. It is advisable to have more than one pet care option for your travel needs, as availability cannot be guaranteed for all your travel dates.

Due to the nature or my private and small in-home service (rather than a large kennel or dog day care center), I do not offer daily dog day care service, such as Mon-Fri or 3 times a week. Day care and play dates is available only to boarding clients as an helpful tool prior to boarding here if there is uncertainty of being a good fit.

Payments for dog boarding and day care are due the same day your dog is picked up. For stays longer than 2 weeks, a 50% invoice deposit is due at the beginning of the stay.

Helpful tip - It is customary to pick up your dog around the same time of day you dropped off your dog. Otherwise, above day care fees may apply.

Let's Schedule a Meet & Greet

You've read this page, including the "Are We a Good Fit" section, and decided you are interested in potentially boarding your dog here at Mountain Pets. The next step is for us to talk on the phone about your needs, run through some general questions, see if I have availability, and determine if the next step is a meet and greet. A meet and greet is necessary to determine if our dogs get along and your needs are a good fit for boarding at Mountain Pets. 

A meet and greet can be scheduled at Mountain Pets in Port Matilda when you have time to bring your dog(s) to our place for a half hour visit in advance of your stay here. The meet and greet accomplishes several objectives:

  1. You and I meet and your dog and I meet and any questions we may each have gets addressed.

  2. Our dogs meet and we determine that they are comfortable with each other and will get along well.

  3. I provide you with the service agreement for you to complete/sign/return if you decide to book a stay. The agreement is completed once and updated annually.

  4. You book a stay here and I look forward to serving you are and pup!

NOTE: If after a meet and greet, if either party is hopeful but not 100% confident of a good fit, we can arrange a doggie play date or one overnight stay as a test run to try to gain additional clarity.

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