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Professional Farm Sitting

Farm Sitting Overview

Benefits to You and Your Animals

If your work long hours or leisure travel creates the need for someone else to take care of your home and farm animals, you've likely already utilized a number of pet care options including asking a friend, neighbor or relative to "drop in" and feed your animals. Today, more and more  hobby farm owners are using the services of a professional farm sitter to take advantage of the benefits which come with in-home and in-farm care. 

Benefits to Your Pets Staying at Home with Professional Care

  • You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet is being cared for by an experienced professional who is insured and bonded

  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family members need not be asked for a favor

  • You won't have to wonder if your friend or neighbor actually performed the "drop in"

  • Can also include home services such as watering plants, filling bird feeders, bringing in your mail and/or taking out the trash/recycling.

Value of Professional Care

Leaving your pet or farm animals to be cared for by someone else can be difficult no matter what. If often causes anxiety and stress for both pet and owner. That stress and anxiety can be eliminated by choosing a professional. Unlike a friend, neighbor or family member, a professional pet sitter:

  • Is trained and experienced in working with all types of pet personalities and will know how to tailor your pet’s care based on their individual likes, dislikes, fears, and habits

  • Knows how to spot and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and can react quickly and effectively when necessary

  • Is trained and experienced in administering medications

  • Has keen observation skills in animal behavior and knows what to look for and how to tell if your pet needs veterinary attention

  • Has backup in case of emergencies, car troubles or illness

  • Can be relied on to fulfill all of your care requests on time, each and every time

What else makes it professional?

  1. A business license

  2. Insurance and bonded including care, custody and control coverage

  3. Proof of clear criminal history

  4. Client references

  5. Service agreement/contract

  6. Certification in Professional Pet Sitting and Pet First Aid and CPR with required continuing education to maintain certification

  7. A passion for animal care and a lot of experience​​

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Farm Sitting Image Gallery

Goat in pasture
Chicken on a perch
Ducks in their pen
Farm cat lounging
Horses wanting to be petted
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