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Hand holding a horses hoof


A Helping Hand with Your Horse Care

Any horse owner can attest that their horse's health can take a nosedive very quickly, sometimes requiring immediate attention and late nights with a veterinarian and/or a farrier. Horses also have a knack for injuring their hooves and legs, often requiring untold hours of icing, bandaging and hand walking. Leg and hoof injuries oftentimes require stall rest which can create even more problems.

In dealing with these horse care emergencies over my life, there were times when I struggled with the time demands of the intensive care and wished I could have found someone to help me. With that in mind, these services are dedicated to my late Appaloosas and hope that I can offer some valuable support to you and your horse so that you can keep your life in balance while dealing with these inevitable horse care emergencies. 

Specialized Horse Care Services

  • Exercise - hand walking and lunging

  • Stall rest visits

  • Bathing, grooming, hoof care

  • Mane and tail grooming

  • Horse holding - for veterinarian or farrier

  • Injury care - bandage changes, icing, hoof wrapping

For more information on general daily feeding and turnout services, please visit the Farm & Pet Sitting Services page.

Service rates for above specialized horse care services start at $35 for a 30 minute visit and are based on mileage from Port Matilda and the time of day/night. Please visit the Rates page for more information.

White Appaloosa horse on cross ties getting deshed
Horse snuggling into his human
Woman standing with a horse in a veterinary room
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