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Long haired hamster sitting in an exercise wheel

Small Animal and Bird Boarding Services

Welcome to Our Small Animal and
Bird Boarding Services


Welcome to Mountain Pets, your trusted destination for top-notch small animal and bird boarding services. Below, we present an outline of the exceptional care and amenities we offer to ensure your pets' comfort and well-being. If your pet has unique requirements not mentioned here, please reach out to us, and we'll gladly explore how we can accommodate their needs. 


Boarding Amenities

Cage Provided or Bring Your Own:  You have the flexibility to choose between our provided cages or bring your own if it's more suitable for your pet's comfort. Inquire for details and pictures.


Private Room in Home:  Our safe and serene environment provides a private room within our country home, ensuring your pet's tranquility.

Daily Cage Cleaning:  We maintain cleanliness with daily cage cleaning, including water and food dishes, promoting a hygienic space for your pet.

Feeding and Supplementation:  Your pet's dietary needs are met with meticulous care, including two daily feeding sessions, water, treats, and necessary supplements.

Individualized Care Needs:  We're dedicated to fulfilling your pet's unique care requirements, ensuring their health and happiness throughout their stay.

Our Services Include:

Cage/Enclosure Options: We offer plastic-free housing, including:

  • MidWest double-story Critter Nation cage (36"Lx 24"Wx63"H)

  • Oiibo glass cages (35'"L x 18"W x 22"H) suitable for small mammals or reptiles

  • 62"x62" or 62"x31" heavy duty open floor pens for bunnies and/or for Guinea pig playtime

  • Dividable 60"Lx18"Wx34"H flight cage with 7/16" wire spacing suitable for finches, budgies and other small birds. 

  • A 23"Lx20"Wx35"H play top cage with 3/4" wire spacing suitable for lovebirds and parrotlets.

  • 36"Lx27"Wx55"H play top cage with 7/8" wire spacing, suitable for cockatiels, conures and small parrots.

Our goal is to provide species-specific bird cages offering enough space for approximately twice their wingspan. With that in mind, at this time we do not have large enough bird cages for medium-sized parrots (e.g. African greys, Amazons) but you can bring your own cage. Check out our Small Animal and Bird Boarding Image Gallery page for more cage/enclosure images.


Safe and Quiet Environment: Our home provides a secure, peaceful, and private room for your pet's comfort.

Wellness Checks: Regular visual wellness checks are conducted a at least six times per day to ensure your pet is well, both physically and emotionally.

Thorough Cleaning: We perform daily cage cleaning, maintaining water and food dishes to guarantee a clean and healthy space.

Nutrition and Care: Your pet's dietary needs are met through meal and treat offerings throughout the day, using a variety of food enrichment tools and activities. We are experienced in administering supplements and medications as needed.

Supervised Out-of-Cage Time: We understand how daily out-of-cage time is critical in assisting with maintaining your pets emotional and physical wellbeing while away from their home routine. For caged bunnies and Guinea pigs, daily supervised time is offered in a larger floor playpen. For birds, we will offer supervised out of cage time for birds who are trained or accustomed to being out of their cage. 

You Provide:

- If desired and appropriate, you can bring your pet's familiar cage.

- Please bring bedding, liners, linens, water bottles, food bowls, hay bags, hideouts, exercise wheels, chews, toys and their food, including pellets, hay, treats and vegetables.

-For open rabbit pens, you must provide as one piece either a 72"x72"  waterproof, cloth floor pet pee pad for a 62'"x62" enclosure OR a 72"x41" pee pad for a 62"x31" enclosure. We cannot accept a combination of smaller pads and they must be pet-specific and waterproof. 

Pet Types Included

Our boarding services cater to the following small animals and birds:

- Rabbits - must be spayed/neutered

- Guinea pigs

- Gerbils

- Hamsters

- Rats and mice

- Lizards

- Other Reptiles (excluding venomous snakes)

- Medium parrots, small and small-medium birds including finches, budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, conures, etc. 

Service Limitations

  • We do not offer cat boarding

  • We currently cannot accommodate the space requirements of XL birds such as Macaws and Cockatoos

  • We cannot accommodate the care needs of ferrets, chinchillas

  • We cannot care for hedgehogs and sugar gliders, as they are illegal to posses in Pennsylvania

  • We are not insured to care for venomous animals or snakes more than 5 lbs

Inquiry and Booking Process

1. Review Rates: Estimate boarding costs by visiting our Rates page for boarding cost estimates


2. Contact Us: To inquire about our boarding services, you have several convenient options:

   - Call or text us at 814-321-5977.

   - Email us at

   - Click on the CONTACT button to complete an online service inquiry.



When making an inquiry, kindly provide the dates for your boarding needs and basic information about your animals including species, number of animals, number of cages and any special accommodations needed. Boarding stays can be as short as one night, multiple days, or weeks. 

3. Phone Appointment: We'll begin by scheduling a phone conversation. This call will allow us to collect essential information about your pets and answer any additional questions you may have regarding our services and facilities.

4. Submission of Documents: Should you decide to board here, you will be required to complete an intake form about you and your pets, carefully review and sign the terms of boarding, and provide your pets most recent veterinary records if available. After receiving and reviewing these documents, we will send an invoice of estimated service cost for a 50% deposit to secure your booking.

4. 50% Deposit to Book Boarding Reservation: 

Once we receive the 50% deposit, your pets boarding reservation is booked. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with you and your furry friend, and we look forward to providing the highest level of care during their stay at Mountain Pets.

Deposits are fully refundable if the booking is canceled 30 days before the service start date. For cancellations made 29 to 8 days before the service start date, deposits will be held as credit for future bookings. However, deposits will be nonrefundable and not held as credit for cancellations within 7 days of the service start date. 

5. Drop Off and Pick UpAppointments for drop off and pick up must be made in advance and can be scheduled during these time frames: M-F 9am to 6pm; Saturdays 9am-11am and 4-6pm; and Sundays 11am-12pm and 5-6pm. Pick up/drop off is available for an extra fee.

6. Payment: For your convenience, we offer various payment methods, including online payment with any major credit card, as well as cash or check made out to Mountain Pets LLC. A final invoice for services will be emailed toward the end of the service period and is due on or before the day of your pet's pick-up.


If you have any further questions or are ready to begin the onboarding process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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