Professional Farm and Pet Sitting

Overview - Farm & Pet Sitting

I offer a full-range farm and pet sitting services in the State College area and throughout Centre County. This page offers an overview of those services, including the types of pets I care for and service rates. If there’s something specific your pet or farm animal needs that isn’t described here, please contact me and I'd be happy to explore your needs.

Farm and pet sitting is when a professional pet sitter comes to your home or farm while you are away and takes care of your pets and farm animals. It includes all that I offer except for dog boarding, which is a different service I provide. 

For example, farm and pet sitting includes:

  • Drop in visits for indoor cats, including feeding and cleaning litter boxes

  • Potty and exercise breaks for dogs, including feeding and dog walking

  • AM & PM feeding routine for farm animals, including mucking stalls

  • Drop in visits for other indoor pets such as fish, guinea pigs and parrots

Farm and pet sitting can also include:

  • Home services such as watering plants and bringing in your mail

  • Holding horses for the farrier or veterinarian


Our Services

Animal Care Services During Visit

  • Visual wellness exam

  • Food preparation, feeding and watering

  • Administering supplements and/or medications

  • Changing bandages

  • Turning out, brining in, potty breaks, yard time, etc.

  • Cleaning litter boxes, cages, mucking stalls, etc.

  • Playtime/exercise with toys

  • Dog walking

  • Cleaning up accidents

  • Cleaning water bowls/buckets and food bowls/buckets

  • Handling unexpected health and medical emergencies

  • Affection, petting, snuggling

  • Brushing

  • Pool time for dogs, including towel drying

  • Tropical aquarium feeding, testing water, maintenance consulting

  • Horse holding for farrier/vet

Home Services Offered During Visit:

  • Bringing in the mail/newspapers

  • Watering plants

  • Trash and recycling to and from the curb

  • Replenish bird feeders

  • Open/close curtains/blinds

  • Alternating lights

Services We Do Not Offer:

  • Overnights at your home or farm

  • Long-term daily dog walking, called "daily's"

Rates, Timing & Frequency

Farm and pet sitting rates are based on the length of time at the sitting visit (key in to key out), not by the type of services performed nor the number of animals needing care. All pet sitting services are invoiced and need to be paid in advance of service.

Rates within 14 mile radius from my home:

  • 30-minute visit - $25

  • 45 minute visit - $35

  • 1-hour visit - $45

Rates 15-24 mile radius from my home:

  • 30-minute visit - $35

  • 45 minute visit - $45

  • 1-hour visit - $55

Rates 25-30 miles

  • 30-minute visit - $50

  • 45 minute visit - $60

  • 1-hour visit - $70


  • Federal holidays - +$10/visit

  • Key return - $15- $25 - I recommend you instead purchase a combination lock box for your door key which you can install on your door handle.

Timing & Frequency Recommendations:

  • Lose dogs in your home - minimum three 30-minute visits/day

  • Crated dogs and puppies in your home - minimum 4 visits per day (eg. for 1-3 days)

  • Cats, indoor caged animals, aquariums - minimum one 30-minute visit/day

  • Hobby farms - minimum one 30-minute visit every day (negotiable due to range of circumstances)

Each request has unique circumstances and the timing and frequency minimums will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Sorry we do not offer overnight stays at this time.

Helpful tip: A feeding routine which you can complete in 30 minutes will always take a pet sitter, who is unfamiliar with the routine and location of items, longer to do. If you can not do it in less than 30 minutes, the pet sitter will need a 45-minute visit and rate, at least for the first few times as she familiarizes herself with the routine. 

Fish Tank

Types of Pets Included

We offer services to almost any type of pet you may have, including:

  • Dogs and cats

  • Birds - indoor caged, outdoor chickens and other fowl

  • Fresh and saltwater aquariums

  • Small mammals - indoor caged and outdoor

  • Caged reptiles (sorry no venomous snakes)

  • All hobby farm hoof stock including horses, cows, pigs, goats

Let's Schedule a Meet & Greet

You've reached out to me, asked questions, checked on my availability and you've determined that Mountain Pets would be a good fit for your farm and/or pet sitting needs. The next step is for us to schedule a meet and greet. Although required, meet and greets are free of charge and can be scheduled at your home or farm whenever you have about an hour or less.


The meet and greet accomplishes several objectives:

  1. You and I meet and any questions we may each have gets addressed

  2. I meet your pets and you show me the tasks/routine needed and location of supplies

  3. I provide you with the service agreement for you to complete/sign/return if you decide to book a sitting. The agreement is completed once and updated annually.

  4. You've book a sitting and I look forward to serving you and your animals!

Guinea Pigs